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Mummy stuff to pack for a hospital bag - From a midwife's perspective

Packing your hospital bag can be daunting. Here is a quick list of what to include in your Mummy bag

1. Maternity Pads- I would advise to buy thick pads in case of heavy bleeding

2. Comfortable Pants - I would strongly advise "Granny knickers" for those going for Caesarean Section as small pants usually rubs on the wound making it uncomfortable and disturbs the wound healing process.

3.Night Dresses -At least 2/3 comfortable night dresses, as you do not know how long you would stay in hospital. I would advise dark coloured ones because lighter ones can become stained with blood.

4. Comfortable non slip Slippers. I advise to Never walk barefooted in hospitals as despite all the cleaning, the floors harbour infection.

5. Nursing / Support Bras - advise to use bra fitting services as the size of your breasts will change.

6. Socks - For comfort as some people get cold feet in labour.

7. Toiletries - as if you are travelling for a few days.

8. Labour equipments - massage oils, lip balms, Tens machines, baggy old Tshirts, Birthing Ball, Straws (some people use straws to focus on their breathing), High Energy drinks, chocolates, snacks, Support Pillows, Hair Bands

9. Some Lovely music