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Baby stuff for hospital bag

Using my experience of working as a midwife, here is a list of what I think is essential for your baby's hospital bag.

[if !supportLists]1. [endif]Baby growers and vests -I would advise to pack at least 6-8 of each because most babies are very mucousy after they are born and tend to vomit on and off during the first 24 hours.

[if !supportLists]2. [endif]Muslin Cloths- For mopping up baby ‘s vomit

[if !supportLists]3. [endif]Nappies - I would suggest bringing a pack of at least 24 nappies just to be on the safe side. Most likely you will need to change baby ‘s nappy roughly every 3-4 hours

[if !supportLists]4. [endif]Wipes/cotton balls - New born baby skin is sensitive therefore I would advise to use cotton wool with warm water as it’s warm and won’t startle your baby, you could also use water based or sensitive wipes

[if !supportLists]5. [endif]Baby blanket. The hospital usually provides blankets, but you will need one for the journey home.

[if !supportLists]6. [endif]Socks or Booties- to keep baby warm

[if !supportLists]7. [endif]Hat - To keep baby warm. Babies tend to loose heat quickly after they are born. If they loose heat, they use most of their energy to maintain their body temperature. As a result, they will end up having low blood sugars. Therefore, it is important to keep baby warm.

[if !supportLists]8. [endif]Outfits for baby photos and for trip home. In most hospitals photo sessions/ Newborn baby portraits are provided by Bounty for a fee or you could take your own photos using your own devices.

[if !supportLists]9. [endif]Jacket or Snow suit- to keep baby warm on the journey back home especially in winter.

[if !supportLists]10. [endif]Car seat - It is important to use a car seat for the safety of your baby. It is also illegal to drive your baby home without a car seat.

[if !supportLists]11. [endif]Milk - For those who wish to formula feed. As more and more hospitals are becoming UNICEF baby friendly accredited, most hospitals now don’t provide formula milk. As a midwife I always feel bad trying to explain to parents that they need to provide formula milk for their baby. Midwives are usually not allowed to give formula unless if a baby is unwell and this must be recorded in the notes and other lists.